We would like to show you our new sunglass lens
which was recently added to our product lineup!

The new product is a sunglass lens which adopts Polyamide resin

You may have had some troubles in sunglass lenses that you have employed for your sunglasses as follows: clamping of screws, cracks due to acetate frames, breaking of lenses due to rimless frames.

Our new product, CLARESS, can solve all the problems like these. CLARESS is best suited for special gouging process and screwing process: CLARESS reduces occurrences of cracks in various use-situations, and the resistance to impact of CLARESS exceeds that of polycarbonate lenses. CLARESS has been developed in our factory so that dyeing, mirror coating, and antireflective coating (AR coating) etc. are possible. CLARESS is produced under our consistent production system from molding process through dyeing hard coat process along with complete quality control.

Our new product, CLARESS, is a perfect lens
which is not broken even it is bent with a vice!

Implementation of a durability test with plasticizing at a screw pin
@@Name of the test: Resistance to plasticizer with acetate pellet at a screw pin
Existence or non-existence of abnormality in test sample-lenses at a screw pin
Test method @
PF Acetate pellet was pressed and spread on the bottom of a closed glass container. The sample lens was put in the glass container being held with a grasping device so that the lens did not touch the acetate pellet directly. The container was well-closed with a glass lid.   
QF The glass container with the acetate pellet and the sample lens was placed in a constant temperature chamber whose temperature was set at 55 degree centigrade for 24 hours in total. Visual check was conducted every three hours.
RF The closed container was taken out from the chamber in 24 hours. Whether there was surface deterioration in the sample lens at the screw pin was checked and recorded.
Test results Any abnormality such as crazing cracks and the like was found in the sample lens (Nylon lens: CLARESS) even after 24 hours of the test. Crazing cracks were found in the sample lens (Polycarbonate lens) at the screw pin. The cracks occurred in three hours and gradually expanded.  The cracks in 24 hours are shown in the following images.
Images of and Comments on Test of Resistance to Plasticizer 



Polyamide resin

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